in case you had any doubts, Kaushik Gopal writes this blog.

this blog runs on Octopress 3.0 (which as of this writing, is still in beta). Octopress is awesome and is built with Ruby. Kaushik likes Ruby.

this theme is an original one and was (re)designed by myself.

my company is nice enough to let me rant my technical thoughts on our tech blog so i keep the really technical (developer focused) posts there. there are however things that i feel strongly about (like movies, music and life) that don’t really make sense on my company blog. for those I come here.

i don’t do comments, mostly because i do a terrible job of keeping up with them. just tweet @kaushikgopal if you feel strongly enough about something that warrants my attention. i’m much better with my tweet replies.

the constant lowercase is not a bug in the blog or a copy-review error. i generally write in lowercase because i have rsi problems and reserve the hand concoction for coding.