kaushik gopal

Hi, I create and style content for both Android and the web.

I work as a Senior Staff engineer at Instacart. In the past I've worked for a bunch of startups and companies always tinkering with computers and software. All my open source stuff is on github.

I'm also known in some circles of the internet for starting an Android Developer podcast called "Fragmented". We talk about building better software and becoming better Android developers.

I'm an alumni of both Carnegie Mellon University and the Indian Institute of Technology - Madras. By day I whip up code as a Software Engineer and by night I'm a self taught sound engineer.

I also love riding motorbikes, playing a bunch of musical instruments, practicing martial arts and drinking coffee/tea. I pen my thoughts (usually in lowercase) in my blog that I painstakingly curate. For my more technical pieces, Instacart's tech blog is the place to go.

I don't actually practice martial arts, but I've watched every single Bruce Lee movie.